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10 Desserts and Cookies to Try for Fall

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Fall officially starts this Friday! Yay! Are you ready?!? I've been thinking about ALLLLLLL of the things I want to bake this season and thought you all might want a few ideas for your own fall baking.

Here we go:

pumpkin chocolate chip bars |

1. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars. I make these every year without fail. This post is from 2012, but we were making them for ages before this post. I think my sister calls me every year when she bakes them, too, and we commiserate over how we can't stop eating them and who wants to wear skinny jeans anyway. Oh, and this is a Kiddo in the Kitchen post. Hi, Jack!!!

pumpkins with succulents and roses, decorated cookies |

2. Pumpkin Cookies with Roses and Succulents. I hope the succulent trend stays around…along with everything pumpkin. Some of my favorite cookies to make are those with pieces you make ahead of time. This is one. Those succulents may look at a little tricky, but you can't mess them up. Who knows what all succulents *technically* look like anyway.

caramel honeycrisp apple bars |

3. Caramel Honeycrisp Apple Bars. Honeycrisp apples are the queens of the apple section. I do a little happy dance when they appear in my grocery store each year. I do a bigger happy dance when I make these bars. Caramel + Honeycrisp + pecans = deliciousness.

pumpkin cheesecake brownies |

4. Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies. Do I really need to say more? Pumpkin. Cheesecake. Brownies. (Make them!)

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