14 adults-only Advent calendars

By Izzy Brimeau

It’s that time of year. The time where days become ‘X amount of sleeps until Christmas’, it’s acceptable to drink a caramel, pumpkin spice latte topped with gingerbread, reindeer droppings and a sprinkling of snow at 7am, and Christmas music has become an audible background noise.

Yes, the festivities have begun. Christmas is approaching faster than I can demolish a plate of mince pies, which is pretty fast. As I prepare to launch into December, santa hat first, I am aware that one cannot start the month without an Advent calendar. And no, I’m not talking about a 99p one, where the chocolate tastes like plastic and it’s more of an effort than a joy to open those tiny doors. I’m talking about food-filled, booze-filled, want-to-open-all-doors-at-once type of Advent calendars.

So, I took one for the team and found 14 calendars perfect for adults, because we deserve some fun too.

1. Marshmallow Advent calendar, £13, The Naked Marshmallow Co

Forget about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, I’m all about toasting marshmallows. Just think, that’s 24 days of s’mores…


2. That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent calendar (2017 edition), £99.95, Master of Malt

We all know that the festive season can be a little stressful. I promise you that this alcoholic Advent calendar is the answer to all your troubles.


3. A Sip A Day Advent Calendar, £20, T2 tea

A cup of tea makes everything better, even the stress of the holiday season. T2 are offering you 24 different cuppas for 24 different days. Bliss.



4. Wine Advent Calendar, £49.99, Aldi

You may have heard about this boozy Advent calendar when it went viral, a few months ago. I heard, I yearned and I decided I can’t get to Christmas without it. The best part? You can pretend you have a mini bar for a month.



5. 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar, £30, Gail’s Bakery

So, you only get 12 days with this advent calendar BUT it’s a pretty great 12 days. Behind each door you can find a bespoke chocolate AND a gift voucher for a treat from any Gail’s Bakery. Vouchers include a fresh loaf of bread, a Christmas sandwich cookie or a cinnamon and raisin swirl.



6. Cheese Advent Calendar, £9, Asda

Dreams really do come true. Thanks to blogger Annem of So Wrong It’s Nom a cheesy advent calendar is now available. To get your hands on this bad boy, visit a nationwide Asda store. Better get in quick… I might buy them all.



7. The Grand Chocolate Advent Calendar, £68, Hotel Chocolat

That’s not a chocolate Advent calendar, THIS is a chocolate Advent calendar. Weighing in at over 1kg, every day brings a different sweet treat, including salted caramel vodka, a bag of chocolate snowballs and a mini chocolate wreath.


8. Pork scratchings Advent calendar, £17.50, The Snaffling Pig

Guess who’s back again? That’s right, The Snaffling Pig has returned with a calendar of six different flavours of scratching. My favourite? Limited edition pigs in blankets. Trotters at the ready…



9. The Best of British Beer Advent Calendar Gift Box, £75, waitrosegifts.com

Men might not always see the novelty of an Advent calendar, but I think this is one that they, we, can all get behind.



10. Limited Edition Advent Calendar, £75, Carluccio’s

Christmas just got a whole lot more Italian with this Advent calendar. Behind each of these colourful doors is a mini version of Carluccio’s best-selling products including, limoncello, panettone and extra virgin olive oil. Bellissimo!



11. Fortune Cookie Advent Calendar, £25, notonthehighstreet.com

You can now fill the days leading up to Christmas with words of wisdom, thanks to this fortune cookie Advent calendar. Here’s hoping they say there’s a lot of luck (great presents) on the horizon…



12. Protein Bar Advent Calendar, £50, My Protein

’tis the silly season and I like to think that gym classes are no longer mandatory. Some people would disagree. So, here’s an Advent calendar for the gym lover in your life.



13. The Big Chilli Advent Calendar, £35, Sous Chef

Are you a lover of heat, especially in your food? Spice up your life with 24 days of chilli – ranging from mild to the depths of hell – there’s something for everyone. Warning: you may potentially kill a few tastebuds with the world’s hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper.



14. Niederegger Café Assorted Marzipan Advent Calendar, £33, chocolatesdirect.co.uk

It’s big, it’s beautiful and it comes with a whopping 32 doors. Yes, that’s right, it takes you all the way through to New Year’s Day. So, feel festive for longer with this assortment of marzipan pieces, hidden behind the gorgeous design of the Niederegger Café.



Want to spread some Christmas cheer? Take part in the Calendars 4 Kids campaign, where all Advent calendars are donated to children in need. Help them make a difference and ensure that no child misses out this year.

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