25 Things You May Not Know About The NFL

Test your fandom with these 25 things you may not know about the NFL.

25. Home of the Seatle Seahawks, Centurylink Field is known for noise. In fact, it was so loud that the stadium was even investigated for artificial noise production.


24. Perhaps not surprisingly the stadium is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the loudest outdoor stadium on Earth with a record crowd roar of 137.6 db


23. Awarded the fastest man in the NFL four times, Darrel Green used to put tootsie rolls in his socks before games because he claimed it made him run faster


22. Celebrating after a touchdown can cost players thousands of dollars…but its not like it hurts their wallets.


21. The coldest game every played was in 1967 between Green Bay and Dallas. There was a -48 degree wind chill which led to the game to be called the “Ice Bowl”


20. When it comes to food consumption in the United States, only Thanksgiving beats the Super Bowl


19. In spite of raking in $9.5 billion every year, the NFL does not pay taxes because it is classified as a not-for-profit organization


18. The Green Bay Packers is the only community owned team in the NFL


17. As grim as it may sound the NFL has a disaster plan in place to help a team rebuild in case it loses all of its players to something like a plane crash


16. During a playoff game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears in 1988 a heavy fog covered the field. It was so dense that referees had to announce was going on after every play because fans couldn’t see anything. It has since some to be known as the Fog Bowl.


15. Huddling was started in 1940 by Paul Hubbard of Gallaudet University to give instructions to deaf players without the other team seeing his hand signs.


14. Super Bowl XLV was the first Super Bowl to not feature cheerleaders, as neither the Packers nor the Steelers had any


13. The “G” on the Green Bay Packers logo does not stand for Green Bay. Equipment manager George Braishear allegedly started using the “G” in 1961 to stand for “greatness”


12. Since 1999 almost every player that was on the cover of an annual Madden NFL video game either got injured the following year or had a terrible season


11. Every year 600 cows are used to manufacture footballs for the NFL


10. Deion Sanders is the only athlete to ever play in the Super Bowl and the World Series


9. During a typical game the ball is only in play for 11 minutes


8. Although you might think the cheerleaders are rich…they’re not. They only earn about $50 per game.


7. Matt Pratter holds the NFL record for the longest field goal at 64-yards


6. Pizza delivery in the US increases by 44% on a Super Bowl Sunday


5. Jack “Soapy” Shapiro is the smallest player in NFL history, weighing 119lbs and measuring 5’1″


4. The NFL is the richest and most profitable professional sports league in the world with an estimated value of $1.17 billion


3. The American Professional Football Association was created in an automobile showroom


2. The Rochester Jeffersons vs Washington Pros/Senators game is the only forfeited game in NFL history


1. The Washington Redskins were the last NFL team to desegregate (and even then only at the urging of the government)


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