Pretend U.S. Embassy in Ghana Shut Down following Operating for a Decade

Authorities in Ghana have a short while ago shut down a fake United States embassy in the capital Accra that experienced been issuing illegally-obtained but authentic visas for the past 10 years. The fake institution was becoming operate by customers of structured criminal offense from each Ghana and Turkey.

The real U.S. embassy in Acra is a large office creating full with security fencing and U.S. armed service guards, found in one of the city’s most high priced neighborhoods, when the fake one was just a rundown, pink two-storey creating with a corrugated iron roof and a United States flag flown outside the house. There had been no genuine Americans operating there, not even con artists. Alternatively the employees was built up of English-talking Ghanian and Turkish citizens. And however, for 10 years, the structured criminal offense ring operating this fake embassy was ready to influence men and women to pay out thousands of pounds for visas and phony identification documents. It’s possible it was the portrait of Barrack Obama that law enforcement uncovered within that built the position seem legit.

No that was not it, actually, the criminals guiding the operation had been just seriously cautious and paid off officers to turn a blind eye to their activities. The U.S. State Office exposed that the fake embassy operated a few days a week, and did not take wander-ins. Alternatively it utilised billboards and flyers to publicize their products and services in other metropolitan areas in Ghana, but also Togo and the Ivory Coastline. Fascinated clients had been transported to Accra and made available lodging in nearby accommodations. At the embassy, they could pay out for illegally obtained but legitimate U.S. visas, as nicely as phony documents at a value of $6,000 every.

“It was not operated by the United States authorities, but by figures from each Ghanaian and Turkish organised criminal offense rings and a Ghanaian attorney practising immigration and prison legislation,” The U.S. State Office stated in a assertion. “For about a ten years it operated unhindered. The criminals running the operation had been ready to pay out off corrupt officers to glance the other way, as nicely as get legitimate blank documents to be doctored.”


U.S. authorities had been tipped off about the ten years-previous fake embassy when operating on a absolutely different operation, and managed to shut it down with the help of the Ghana Detectives Bureau and law enforcement, as nicely as international companions. Throughout the raid, they uncovered a hundred and fifty passports from 10 different international locations and legitimate and counterfeit visas from the U.S., India, and South Africa.

Law enforcement could have gotten their palms on the industrial sewing equipment utilised to recreate the binding on passports, but when getting ready to raid the dress shop that allegedly housed the machinery, a corrupt community attorney falsely informed detectives that they could not obtain the creating for the reason that it was at present included in yet another court scenario. By the time this claim was dismissed as a lie, the scammers arrested at the fake embassy experienced already been bailed out and managed to transfer all their counterfeiting facility somewhere else.


Reuters reviews that visas for Western international locations are in higher demand from customers in Africa, creating them a focus on for structured criminal offense.

Images: U.S. State Office

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