Trader Joe’s Teeny Small Avocados

Trader Joe’s now sells the world’s cutest avocados, and folks are understandably freaking out about them. The official merchandise identify is Teeny Small Avocados, and it could not be more exact. The luggage of miniature avocados — which we are quite positive Trader Joe’s has sold for a very long time, but possibly just modified the identify — price tag $three just about every and have 6 avocados.

Not only are these avocados insanely lovable, but they also remedy the problem avocado-eaters normally confront: having an whole avocado for worry of wasting the 2nd 50 percent or battling to prevent it from browning. As shortly as one particular of the Teeny Small Avocados is ripe, it truly is prepared for avocado toast, avocado dressing, or avocado pasta. You could even use the whole bag for avocado cupcakes . . . the options are unlimited!

Attempt to have you as you scroll by more pics of the impossibly best avos, and prepare to seek them out on your subsequent searching excursion to Trader Joe’s.

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