Are These Green Powders as Good for Us as They Claim?

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The Claim: The Beauty Chef is an organic skincare company created by Carla Oates, the Australian author of the book Feeding Your Skin. The Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder claims to “help detox and purify your body on the inside, promoting smoother, clearer skin on the outside” through a blend of bio-fermented greens.

The Reality: “I like that this product contains lots of greens, probiotics and prebiotics which is the best environment for these components to thrive in,” Shapiro says. However, she dislikes the use of three different sweeteners (honey, molasses, and stevia) in a single product. Davis also praises the mix of greens, but notes that “part of the reason that all of these greens are so highly touted for their health benefits is that when they are eaten as whole foods they are super filling and essentially can take the place of other less healthy foods.” In other words, eating these greens raw is the most effective method.

The Taste: Many of these powders had assertive flavors, but The Beauty Chef’s more subtle taste won a couple devoted fans. They noted hints of kale, broccoli, and sesame, describing a mellow flavor profile that prompted one noted green-powder-hater to write “I actually like this! I would drink this!”

Buy The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder, $65.

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