Spice Up Your Winter Lineup with These 15 Chili-Infused Recipes

When the cold has seeped into your bones and no amount of vigorous hand-rubbing or blanket-burrowing will shake the chill off, turn to chiles—and chili-infused dishes. Not only will they make your tongue burn, but they’re guaranteed to heat you up from the inside, out. Whether it’s in a garlicky, ginger-kicked noodle soup with tongue-numbing Szechuan peppercorns, a twist on Nashville hot chicken (over cheesy waffles, no less), or even in a toasted chili oil to drizzle on everything, hot dishes are here to warm you—and taste delicious in the process. Because if you can’t cozy up to a roaring fire, these 15 spicy recipes are the next best thing:

What’s your favorite way to warm yourself up from the inside, out? A cup of hot cocoa or steaming tea? A huge bowl of pho? Tell us in the comments!

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